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Usage Overview

Usage Timeline

  • 1Usage Overview

  • 2Tentative Reservation for Facility

  • 3Reply to “Facility Usage Application”

  • 4Submission of Final
    “Facility Usage Application”

  • 5Bill Issued

  • 6Payment

  • 7Meeting Regarding Plan
    for Room Usage

  • 8Day of the Event/Event Period

  • 9Calculation of Fees Arising
    for Event

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Usage Application Process

1.We Begin Taking Applications
Applications are accepted beginning 14 months prior to the day of the event. For reservations that do not include the 2nd floor hall, applications are accepted beginning 4 months prior to the day of the event. However, for unique circumstances, such as large events using the entire facility, please contact us to discuss your requirement and availability.
2.Day of the Event
As a general rule, aside from days in which our building is closed and the New Year’s holidays, we are always open. However, in some cases, our facilities are unavailable due to inspections, repairs, etc. Please not, our building is closed on: ① The 4th Saturday and Sunday of November, and ② other special building closure days and the New Year holidays (from December 30th to January 3rd).
3.Usage Time
When using our conference facilities, as a general rule, the possible usage time is as outlined below.
Each separate time interval is generally treated as a unit for the purposes of calculating the usage.
In the event of a time interval being extended for additional usage, an additional time extension fee will be applied.
Please be sure to inquire in advance if an extension is possible, and please let us know if you have any questions. Please note, the usage time includes time for setup and removal.
Usage Time Intervals Time
All day 09:00 to 21:00
Half day Morning 09:00 to 12:00
Afternoon 13:00 to 17:00
Evening 18:00 to 21:00

※As a general rule, the facilities are available for use from 07:00 to 22:00.

4.How to apply
1.Usage Inquiry
Please inquire about availability and other important points via telephone or email. When inquiring, please let us know the date, time, number of people, event host, event name, event details. Please include the contact person and how they can be contacted.
2.Tentative Reservation
We will provide a “Facility Usage Reservation Request.” Please fill it out and return it via FAX or email. In general, the decision to approve or deny a tentative reservation will occur within 10 days of receiving your “Facility Usage Reservation Request.”
After a reservation is approved, we will send the documents for the usage application process to the specified address. After receiving the application, please complete and submit it by the specified date. During this time, we will not cancel your reservation on our own, but your usage is not yet guaranteed. If you fail to complete the application process by the specified date, then we can automatically cancel your tentative reservation without notification.
3.Usage Application
After a reservation is approved, we will send a “Facility Usage Application.” Please complete this by the specified date (within 2 weeks of the Facility Usage Application being sent).
5.Usage Approval
After we receive your “Facility Usage Application,” we will send you a bill. Please make the bank transfer within 1 month of the bill being issued. However, if the bill is sent less than 1 month prior to the day of the event, then please make the bank transfer prior to the day of the event. An application being approved or denied is generally determined by confirmation of payment.
6.Changes to Application Details
After an application has been accepted, if you wish to make changes to the application details, please notify us as soon as possible. We will ask you to submit a new “Facility Usage Application (Modification).” If, this facility suffers a loss due to significant changes, in some cases, you will be required to pay cancellation fees.
7.Cancelling an Application
If a customer wishes to cancel an approved application due to their own circumstances, then the specified cancellation fees will be assessed. For details, please see the “Usage Fees” page.
8.Inquiries and Where to Submit Applications

Otemachi Place Conference Center

2-3-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda‐ku, Tokyo, 100‐0004, Japan

TEL : 03-6262-3403  FAX : 03-6262-3405

E-mail :otemachi@c-linkage.co.jp

For inquiries made in person at our front desk or via telephone we are available on weekdays from 10:00 until 18:00.
(except for New Year’s holidays, days the building is closed, and other special building closure days)

Usage Meeting and Usage Plan

1.Usage Meeting

We request that you meet with a contact person at this facility at least 1 month prior to the first day of your event to discuss the following items.

  1. Conference facility usage details and usage schedule
  2. Conference organization system and conference room layout
  3. Conference equipment and furnishings, use of telephone lines, and need for electrical equipment or construction
  4. Equipment and devices to be brought in from the outside
  5. Presence or absence of food and drink
2.Submitting a Usage Plan

If any of the items below apply, please submit a usage plan (any format accepted).

  1. If you will be bringing signs or equipment for sound, lighting, video, etc.
  2. If you plan to have an exhibition, music, entertainment, or some other type of performance, accompanied by the sale of goods
  3. If you will require extra security, cleaning, etc.
  4. If the facility determines any other reasons that require submission of a usage plan
3.Electrical Equipment or Construction
Electrical equipment or construction shall only be provided by a company specified by this conference facility.
4. Notifications to/Permissions from Governmental Agencies and the like
When holding an event, in some cases, notifications to/permissions from government agencies and the like may be required. Taking care of these notifications is the responsibility of the customer. Please submit copies of such approvals to this conference facility at least 10 days prior to the start of your event.

(For Reference) Examples of Notifications

Fire Department Event notification/request for special permission for prohibited actions
Police Department Event notification
Health Care Center If food and/or drink will be served
Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers, and Publishers (JASRAC) If copyrighted music will be used

Catering (Lunch Boxes, Drinks, Catering, etc.)

We will inform you about our approved providers for the building.
We ask customers to refrain from bringing outside food from providers we have not approved.
If you would like us to provide catering, please contact us with a final headcount at least 1 week before your event begins.
Please be aware that once this deadline has passed, making changes will be difficult.

Range of Usage, Restrictions, and Revoking Approval

If any of the following occur, we reserve the right to refuse usage, revoke a usage approval, or suspend usage.

1.Usage Restrictions
  1. Activities deemed to be related to publicizing and proselytizing specific religions
  2. Activities deemed to be related to multi-level marketing schemes, pyramid schemes, and other similar business transactions
  3. Activities that go against public morals, or activities that could potentially do so
  4. Activities deemed to be in violation of “4. Elimination of Anti-social Forces”
  5. Activities that bother other patrons of this building, or activities that could potentially do so
  6. Activities that are against the law, or activities that could potentially violate any law
  7. Activities that infringe upon the privacy, property, copyright, or other rights of others, or activities that could potentially do so
  8. Activities that slander or damage others, or activities that could potentially do so
  9. Activities that cause damage to the facility or equipment, or activities that could potentially do so
  10. Activities that could potentially exceed the volume or weight restrictions for this conference facility
  11. Use of fire, or any activities that could potentially result in fire, explosion, etc.
  12. Activities that create noise, vibrations, odors, etc., which could trouble others, or activities that could potentially do so
  13. Activities that involve bringing live animals (except for seeing eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and service dogs)
  14. If it is determined that there are falsehoods on the “Facility Usage Application,” etc.
  15. If it is determined that the usage purpose or usage details changed significantly after the application was submitted
  16. If you do not follow the requests/directions of staff members
  17. Any other reason that the management or operational staff of this conference facility determine to be inappropriate
2.Revoking/Suspending Approval
  1. If any of the aforementioned items are deemed to be applicable
  2. If the facility usage fee is not paid by the specified day without a satisfactory reason
  3. If falsehoods are mentioned on any of the documents submitted when applying to use the facility, or if the usage purpose or usage details differ significantly from what was approved
  4. If business or event activity is conducted in any areas outside of those that have been approved for use
  5. If the facilities become unusable due to a disaster or other inevitable accident
  6. If during facility usage, the rules decided upon by this conference facility are not followed
  7. If unavoidable circumstances develop due to a management situation
  8. If activities are engaged in that damage the reputation of this facility
  9. If any negligence is noticed with regard to the notifications to proper authorities, application documents, or other necessary paperwork
  10. If for any other reason it is determined that the application to use this facility cannot be approved

※ If any damage to this conference facility arises from any of the items listed above, then the user (applicant) will be responsible for the full cost of the damages. Also, if usage approval is revoked, cancellation fees will be assessed.

Elimination of Anti-social Forces

  1. (1) This facility refuses service to any customers, participants, etc. involved with anti-social forces (crime organizations, crime organization members, persons who have been crime organization members within the past 5 years, crime organization associate members, crime organization-related businesses, stockholder meeting extortionists, and other related entities). This is in addition to any of the below-mentioned items that are determined to be applicable. If either becomes apparent, then any reservation and usage will be revoked without notification.

    1. If it is determined that anti-social forces control the management of the event
    2. If it is determined that anti-social forces have substantial participation in the management of the event
    3. If it is determined that anti-social forces are inappropriately used to bring about a gain to oneself, one’s business, or a third party, or to bring about damage to a third party
    4. If it is determined that funds are supplied, etc. to anti-social forces, or if any sort of assistance is provided by anti-social forces, etc.
    5. If there is any relationship with anti-social forces that is deemed inappropriate by society
  2. (2) In the case of any of the previous items being applicable, any facility usage fees that have already been received will not be refunded, and we will not be responsible for compensation for any damages suffered by the user. Also, if this facility suffers any damages as a result of revoking any reservation or usage, the user is responsible for appropriate compensation.

  3. (3)If a user, participant, etc. (either on their own or via a third party), engages in any of the activities outlined below, then this facility will revoke their reservation or usage without notification. In this case, the facility usage fees that have already been received will not be refunded, and we will not be responsible for compensation for any damages suffered by the user. Also, if this facility suffers any damages as a result of revoking a reservation or usage, the user is responsible for appropriate compensation.

    1. Demands involving violence
    2. Unjust demands surpassing legal responsibilities
    3. Activities involving threatening language or the use of violence in business dealings
    4. Activities involving spreading rumors, using deceptive plans, or exerting undue influence to damage a business
    5. Making other facility patrons, neighborhood residents, or passersby feel uncomfortable through excessively vulgar or rude words, or actions or displays to exert undue influence in this facility or in the surrounding area
    6. Any other actions similar to those mentioned above

Transferring/Subleasing User Rights is Prohibited

Transferring or subleasing user rights is not allowed.

User Managerial Responsibilities

  1. (1) While using the facilities (including preparation and removal), the managerial responsibilities of the user include the actions of related persons and event attendees, with all responsibility being attributed to the user. Please take all necessary precautions to ensure that there are no accidents.
  2. (2)Admission personnel, meeting security personnel, etc., as well as the system for emergency evacuation are the responsibility of the user. Therefore, please employ a security company, etc., as needed to maintain order, prevent theft, prevent fires, and the like. Security must be provided by a company specified by this conference facility.
  3. (3)Please collect and removetake any garbage generated due to the event with you after it is over. If due to unavoidable circumstances the garbage must be disposed of at this conference center, then a separate disposal fee will be assessed. Also, if the facility is left significantly dirty, a separate cleaning fee may be assessed.
  4. (4)The user is responsible for security and cleaning for any exhibitions, music, product displays, or other shows, or for the sale of goods at this facility. Security and cleaning are to be provided only by companies specified by this conference facility.
  5. (5)Please return any rented equipment promptly after use.
  6. (6) If any damage is incurred by the facility, equipment, furnishings, etc. or if any item belonging to the facility goes missing, please contact us immediately.
  7. (7)Repair and restoration costs are the responsibility of the user, and any damaged items must be fully restored to their original state. Otherwise, compensation for the damages must be paid.
  8. (8) The user is responsible for the safekeeping of any equipment or other items they bring to the facility. Also, as a general rule, this conference facility is unable to receive package deliveries or other items. It is the responsibility of the user to receive such items.
  9. (9)If prior delivery of event items through package delivery services, the postal service, etc., is expected, please contact the facility in advance. If permission is granted for deliveries, then they will only be received on the day prior to the event. However, please be aware that we will not be responsible for management of the said items. Please have all such items labeled with the event date, event name, and conference room name. Depending on the usage situation at the facility, prior delivery will not be allowed in some cases.
  10. (10)In order to verify usage time, please be sure to visit the facility office before you enter and after you leave the conference room.

Disclaimers and Compensation

  1. (1)As a general rule, this facility will bear absolutely no responsibility for any accident resulting in injury or death, or for any theft or damage to items during facility usage. Also, if a user suffers damages due to approval for usage being revoked or suspended, this facility will bear absolutely no responsibility. If damages arise from an event being impossible to hold due to a disaster, transportation strike, or other unavoidable accident, this facility will bear no responsibility.
  2. (2)If a user suffers damages that are the responsibility of this facility, and if the user makes claims for compensation for those damages, then the maximum limit for such compensation will be equal to the “Usage Fees” this facility received from the user. However, this facility will not be responsible for damages such as opportunity or profit losses.
  3. (3)These terms of service and use of this facility are in accordance with the effective laws of Japan, and any litigation relating to usage of this facility will be heard by the Tokyo District Court, which will serve as the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first hearing.
  4. (4)These terms of service, usage fees, conference equipment, furnishings, etc. are subject to change without notice.
  5. (5)If this facility suffers damages due to any other reason that goes against these terms of service, then compensation for those damages must be paid.

Important Usage Notes

1.Usage Time
Usage time includes time for preparation and removal. Usage time extensions are only possible with prior consent from this conference facility.
2.Use of Public Spaces
Use of lobbies and other public spaces is, as a general rule, restricted to reception and related activities. For usage outside this scope, please consult us. However, if we receive such requests from multiple users simultaneously, use may be restricted.
3.Bringing Equipment, Furnishings, and Food and Drink
If video equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment, construction, etc. is prepared/brought by the user, a separate fee will be assessed (¥100,000 per day per business (tax not included)). Bringing simultaneous interpretation equipment is prohibited.
・The use of video, audio, lighting, etc. operators will be charged ¥50,000 per day per person (tax not included).
・This conference facility will specify catering companies that may be contracted. If you would like to secure catering services, please contact us.
4.Bringing In and Taking Out Items
  1. For the above-mentioned equipment and furnishings and other items to be brought in and taken out, we request that you meet with us in advance to plan your route, inform us about how many vehicles you will be using, etc.
  2. When bringing in and taking out items, in addition to meeting with us (as described above), please ensure that you take all the necessary precautions. If we determine that any of the precautions we advised are not being taken, we may stop you from conducting your activities.
  3. When bringing in and taking out items, once you have completed loading and unloading your vehicles, please remove them from the property. Please be aware that vehicles cannot remain parked for a long time.
  4. Please prepare any dollies or carts you may need by yourself.
5.Prohibited Items and Actions

All of the following items are prohibited:

  1. Dangerous materials such as explosives, combustibles, etc.
  2. Use of open flames
  3. Activities that cause vibrations
  4. Bringing items that emit foul odors
  5. Using the facility for any reason aside from that specified at the time of application
  6. Moving our equipment outside designated areas
  7. Displaying signs, posters, etc. inside or outside the facility in ways other than those specified
  8. Distributing flyers or soliciting donations inside or outside the facility
  9. Hanging pictures, etc. (including using glue) inside the facility
  10. Using thumbtacks, nails, etc. on walls or doors
  11. Any other activities that this conference facility deems inappropriate

※ If any other matters relating to facility use are unclear, please contact us to discuss them.